Residential 90 Mins Fire Wood Door

Residential 90 Mins Fire Wood Door

Most people tend to assume that a wood fire door cannot be made of wood, but this is actually not the case.

Wooden door are a welcoming and classy sight in any home.Fire doors can indeed be made of wood, as long as they are given the proper attention that enables them to act as a fire door. No one will know it is a fire door, but in the event of a fire, people will remain safer, longer.

Product Description


Wooden Fire Door

Fire rated time:

20 / 45 / 90mins



Filling Core:

Mineral Fireboard


Left hand, Right hand, Left hand reverse, Right hand reverse(90 degree )



Flush/6 panel

Material of leaf

Solid wood skeleton+MDF+both sides

Material of frame

Steel frames with heat transfer(with WHI Certificate) or Solid wood

panel veneer

Oak,Ash,Sapeli,Cherry,Walnut or any other type of veneer as required


Any color according to requirement

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