Wood Fire Door Flame Retardant Treatment Requirements

Wood Fire Door Flame Retardant Treatment Requirements

Date:May 13, 2019

"Fire code for building design," and other firefighting regulations, the firewall must use non-combustible or refractory materials, "building interior decoration Design Fire Code" provisions, in addition to ordinary residential buildings all the wall decoration must use non-flammable or refractory materials. Wood fire Door as a part of the firewall, in addition to the fire-resistant limit, its own should also be difficult to burn materials.

And the "Wood fire door general technical conditions" to the face of the surface materials do not have any requirements. "Steel, wood fire door Product type approval supplemental rules" of the third rule, wood fire door manufacturers must be equipped with wood flame retardant treatment equipment. However, as some manufacturers in the factory certification and type inspection certification submitted by the technical documents said wood is not flame retardant treatment, so the formation of a recognition, that is, the use of broad-leaved timber production of Fire doors, wood does not need to be flame retardant treatment.

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