Why Fire Exit Doors Should Be Installed In Malls?

Why Fire Exit Doors Should Be Installed In Malls?

Date:Aug 22, 2018

A fire is the most dangerous source for destroying anything on earth. Many fires, caused in certain buildings have burnt it down completely, leaving behind just the ashes, which not only damages a lot of property but in some cases human lose also. In such situations, safety measures are must and under section 19 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act of 2005, it has now become for every building to have every type of precautions in their buildings, malls, etc. In a mall, a fire can easily be caused by anyone’s restlessness in their work or a short circuit.


If someone starts smoking and throws it anywhere it might catch fire by clinging on to something which is a good conductor of fire. It has become a necessity for every mall to have its safety measures in order to protect their building from any miss-happening which could result in both human and property loss. Malls are the ones those who are under risk of fire hazards, as these malls, contain large no. of the mall and have kitchens and other places which can catch fire easily to protect the Lives and property it is very much important to have Fire exit doors and Fire extinguisher in them. Fire Exit Doors are one of the essential parts of any Mall. These Doors have an ability of Fire resistance which in the case of Emergency protects lives and other infrastructure in many ways.

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