Why Choose Dalian Golden House?

Why Choose Dalian Golden House?

Date:Mar 01, 2019

Who we are ?

We are the most professional manufacturer in China who focus on fire rated steel & wood doors with WH ,UL& FM Approval. We started fire door production since 1988, and now we have a manufacturing base of 1,200,000 sq. Ft with 400 employees.


Why us ?

1.We have two warehouses in North America, one in LA, USA and one in BC, CANADA. Offering the very fast and direct service to clients of North America.

2.We are the earliest manufacturer in China who successfully achieved FM approval.

3.We have more than 30 years experience making fire rated doors, our first door born in 1988.

4.We have the most advanced production facilities that imported from Germany, Japan and Italy. .

5.We believe there will be more reasons why you choose us, so welcome you to visit our factory if possible. 

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