Who Needs Fire Doors?

Who Needs Fire Doors?

Date:May 29, 2019

Education Facilties – Schools, colleges and universities also house a large number people at any given time. Fire doors are very important for keeping students and staff safe and ensuring the building adheres to Australian building standards outlined by the BCA.

Industrial Spaces – Factories and other industrial spaces house hazardous activity and materials. They are also very busy, and must allows for controlled traffic flow. Factory fire doors are designed and engineered to suit the many different heavy-duty industrial applications and can be customised to meet the needs of any space.

Commercial Spaces – Commercial buildings such as offices blocks also require fire doors. Since these buildings are often located in densely populated areas, they are particularly important for ensuring that fire does not spread between builds, causing widespread damage.

Mining – The Australian mining industry presents very specific conditions when it comes to fire safety. Mining facilties require a strict fire protection model as they inherently house hazardous materials and activity.

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