When A Fire Breaks Out, Do You Choose To Escape The Scene Or Take Refuge In The Bedroom?

When A Fire Breaks Out, Do You Choose To Escape The Scene Or Take Refuge In The Bedroom?

Date:Oct 27, 2020

In a post on social networks, a blogger who claimed to be a professional from the New York Fire Department posted on social media, “People who sleep at night may always be used to leaving a small gap in the door. Some elderly people Afraid of being bored and closed, I will get used to leaving the door open, but it is more important to sleep with the bedroom door closed."

The blogger took out a picture of a recent fire scene in a residential house and said that the wall and door on the outside of the bedroom door close to the fire source have been completely blackened by smoke, while the inside of the bedroom door has been smoked black except for the frame. The part is basically intact.

In addition to high temperature, the most frightening fire is smoke and carbon monoxide poisoning. According to an experiment conducted by the United States Fire Safety Research Institute (ULFSRI), the carbon monoxide content in the bedroom with the door open soared to 10,000 ppm. In the bedroom with the door closed, the carbon monoxide level is exactly 10 times lower. "A door can insulate, smoke, and poison, ushering in precious time for rescue and escape."

After reading such posts, many netizens said, "I don't dare to sleep with the door open anymore." Some netizens also said, “Fire doors are only useful. Fire-retardant doors have flame-retardant materials. The small wooden doors in the bedrooms at home do not have this function.”

At present, fire doors on the market are mainly divided into wooden fire doors, steel fire doors and steel-wood fire doors according to their materials. The minimum fire resistance limit is 20 minutes and the maximum is 180 minutes.

At present, fire doors on the market are mostly used for home entrance doors, real estate aisle doors, evacuation stairwells, vertical shafts and other areas. Since most fire doors are bulky and there are no regulations on fire protection design, most families will not choose fire doors when choosing bedroom doors.

Regarding the content of the post, a firefighter engaged in fire accident investigations said that the post is scientific, and the bedroom door is closed to prevent smoke from entering the house. According to him, 99.9% of deaths in fires are due to smoke asphyxiation.

A fire chief involved in the fire fighting said that the bedroom door switch still depends on the specific situation. In the past fire fighting experience, I have not encountered anyone with a fire door in the bedroom. Closing the bedroom door has an effect on a small fire. If the fire is fierce, it is hard to tell. When a fire is on, you should not open the door blindly to escape. You should first touch the door with your hands to judge the fire. If the fire has already burned outside the door, do not open the door at will. This will cause air convection and increase the fire.

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