What Is The Difference Between A Fire Door And A Security Door?

What Is The Difference Between A Fire Door And A Security Door?

Date:Sep 18, 2020

Everyone should be familiar with the security door when it comes to it. Everyone has it at home.For home safety, many people now choose to install a fire door. Its appearance looks similar to the security door, but in fact there is a big difference between the two.Next, Golden House Doors will specifically talk about the difference between fire doors and anti-theft doors.

The main function of the anti-theft door is anti-theft and anti-prying, and the anti-prying and sealing performance is better. After the door is closed, people outside the door cannot open the door without the key. The anti-theft door body has the "FAM" logo, and it is produced in accordance with the provisions of GB17565-1998 general technical conditions for anti-theft safety doors. In addition, the material filled inside the door panel of the anti-theft door is not a fire door, and the standards for material, thickness, production, installation, and acceptance are less than those for the fire door.

The main performance of the fire door is to prevent fire, heat insulation, and prevent the spread of fire. In the emergency situation of a fire, it can play a role in evacuation of people. The door is normally open or normally closed, and people cannot pass through. Need a key. The inside of the fire door body is filled with fireproof core material, and the thickness of the fireproof core material also has certain requirements. The new national standard for fire doors is GB12955-2008. In this standard, clear regulations are made for the installation location, fire resistance time, material selection, material thickness, production standards, installation requirements and other aspects of fire doors. The manufacturer must comply with this standard during production and installation. If it does not meet the standard, it will not pass the fire protection acceptance.

In addition, the country also has some requirements for the anti-pry performance of fire doors. The requirements are as follows:

     1. The locks and peepholes of fire doors must pass the fire resistance test of the national fire protection agency, and can issue relevant test reports. Class B fire doors can be installed with door collars, while Class A fire doors are not allowed to be installed.

     2. The lock of the fire door should have an anti-pry function, that is, the lock body must not only have an oblique bolt, but also a square bolt, but the fire lock cannot be installed with a world lock.

     3. The frame of the fire door must be at least 2.0mm thick, and the thickness of the front and back steel plates of the door leaf must not be less than 0.8mm.

     4. During the fire protection acceptance, the fire door manufacturer must provide the fire type approval certificate, fire test report, metal entry door test report, fire lock and cat eye test report and other related qualification inspection reports.

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