What Is An Open Lacquered Wooden Door?

What Is An Open Lacquered Wooden Door?

Date:Nov 25, 2020

As the quality of life improves, people have higher requirements for commodities. All kinds of goods are subdivided again and again. As far as wooden doors are concerned, there are many types of wooden doors according to their materials. If they are divided according to the painting process, there are two types of open paint and closed paint. Today, let’s talk about open-painted wooden doors and maintenance method.

1. What is the open lacquered wooden door

Open lacquer refers to the feeling of uneven wood grain on the surface after paint treatment, not flat. Some high-end ones are called old ones. If it feels rough and uneven when touched by hand. The open lacquered wooden door is the wooden door made in this way.

Two, the advantages and disadvantages of open lacquered wooden doors

1. Open paint is one of the processes of paint construction. Open paint is a finishing process that completely reveals the pipe holes on the wood surface. Its main component is polyurethane, with low concentration, which is manifested by obvious wood holes, clear texture, small amount of paint coating, matt, strong natural texture, and can be used twice. repair. The open lacquer retains the wood texture of the wood itself, and the convex and concave texture of the log can be clearly felt by the touch. The overall feel is comfortable and soft, with a strong personal feeling of nature, and can truly make people feel the style of the log. The open lacquered wooden door looks more "primitive" and closer to nature, so it is the best choice for home decoration such as rural style and Southeast Asian style.

2. But its cost is high, and it requires high spraying technology. Because the open-painted wood eyes are not completely closed with paint, dirt may penetrate into the wood eyes after you use them for a period of time, causing the wipe to be unclean.

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