United States Escape Push Bar Lock Standard

United States Escape Push Bar Lock Standard

Date:Oct 14, 2020

Taking the industry-recognized American ANSI/BHMA A156.3-2001 as an example, the standard has detailed regulations on the inner and outer operating performance, strength, life, material, surface treatment, etc.

1. The length of the pressable part of the push bar lock is not less than half the width of the door leaf, and the pressable part is visually and physically distinct from the other parts of the push bar lock. In an emergency, human judgment will decline. In this case, the conventional handle lock is not easy to find the handle, and in extreme cases, people may be injured by collision. Push-bar lock's ultra-long operable push handle can quickly open and escape when a certain part of the human body is pressed on it. It is the best choice for escape access doors.

2. When the door is locked, the force required to open the door by pressing any measuring point must be less than or equal to 67N. Make sure to press at any point with normal force to unlock and open the door, saving time for escape.

For the safety of life and property, please be sure to use standard-verified escape push bar locks for escape doors (very important, so say three times).

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