Transom And Sidelight Assemblies

Transom And Sidelight Assemblies

Date:Jan 28, 2019

Labeled frames are available with transom

areas, sidelight areas, or a combination of

both. The transom and sidelight areas can be

furnished with listed panel assemblies or listed

glass, depending on the desired hourly rating.

Frames with solid transom panel and/or side

panels may be used in openings rated up to

and including 1-1/2-hour. Some manufacturers

have the capability to provide frames with

solid transom panels that have a 3-hour rating.

Frames with labeled glass transom lights

and/or sidelights may be used with doors that

have up to a one-hour rating. Examples of

individual visible glass light areas are shown

in table 3. Transom/sidelight frames may also

have a rating of twenty minutes without a hose

stream. The glass openings allowed are only

limited by the individual manufacturer’s listing.

The overall size of transom and sidelight

frames is limited to the maximum size that a

manufacturer has successfully fire tested.

Since the size may vary, it is important to

consult the manufacturer when writing specifications.

The label applied to transom sidelight assemblies

will state whether panels or glass are to

be used in the frame. If the frame contains

both panels and glass, the label for glass lights

is used since it is the most limiting rating.

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