Transom And Sidelight Assemblies

- Oct 31, 2018-

Labeled frames are available with transom areas, sidelight areas, or a combination of both. The transom and sidelight areas can be furnished with listed panel assemblies or listed glass, depending on the desired hourly rating. Frames with solid transom panel and/or side panels may be used in openings rated up to and including 1-1/2-hour. Some manufacturers have the capability to provide frames with solid transom panels that have a 3-hour rating. Frames with labeled glass transom lights and/or sidelights may be used with doors that have up to a one-hour rating. Examples of individual visible glass light areas are shown in table 3. Transom/sidelight frames may also have a rating of twenty minutes without a hose stream. The glass openings allowed are only limited by the individual manufacturer’s listing.