How To Transform Ordinary Family Wooden Doors Into Soundproof Doors

How To Transform Ordinary Family Wooden Doors Into Soundproof Doors

Date:Jan 11, 2021

Many families have a problem after having children, that is, the children are too noisy. Noisy is the nature of children, but sometimes parents need to rest. At this time, just assemble the door of the house into a soundproof door. So how to transform it into a soundproof door?

1. The sound insulation quality of the door is not good. First of all, you need to look at the size of the door gap. The head of the household can use the sealing strip on the edge of the door gap, and there are those specially used on the door; secondly, the quality of the door panel should be good, first understand the sound insulation The principle.

2. Sound insulation is the use of dense materials to isolate sound from a certain space. The thicker the wall, the harder the material, the better the sound insulation performance. On the contrary, the thinner the material is, the poorer the sound insulation performance. Therefore, the principle of the door panel is the same, and the door panel should be dense and strong. The cost of this door panel is relatively high. If you already have a ready-made door panel at home, and you don't want to spend too much time, you might as well put a layer of soundproofing material on the door and add a thin plate, but you must not buy low-quality soundproofing materials.

3. Some families have hollow doors, and it is most convenient to transform the hollow doors into soundproof doors. If the home is a hollow door, you can fill the door with sound-absorbing cotton and use sound-proof materials. But pay attention to the filling method and be careful to break the door.

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