Understand Three Points To Teach You To Buy Real Solid Wood Doors

Understand Three Points To Teach You To Buy Real Solid Wood Doors

Date:Dec 16, 2020

Question 1: What is a real solid wood door?

Dialogue with the merchant: The solid wood is also veneer, and the log is also. In other words, if I buy solid wood doors, it is possible to buy veneer doors, yes, log doors. You have to clarify, I said that I want to buy walnut, but he can still paste a layer of veneer? It must be clearly stated that it is a log door. The wood inside is not necessarily anymore. If you want to buy pure solid wood, you need the original wooden door.

The solid wood door is not called the solid wood door, is it not called the original wooden door? This pure word game, the probability of adulteration is also very high. It also gives many black-hearted businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the loopholes. It is even more difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish between true and false. However, it is invisible from the appearance, but the actual price is quite different.

Question 2: What is a solid wood composite door?

Among the three types of so-called solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, laminated hollow doors, solid wood composite doors are the most practical and economical. However, there are also many ways in this compound door. The raw materials of composite doors are mainly wood and composite materials. In order to save costs, some manufacturers have used their brains on filling materials.

The fillers of solid wood composite doors include wood, particleboard, honeycomb paper, MDF, and some are even hollow. These fillers that cannot be distinguished from the appearance are normal in the wooden door market. If you don’t explain it, it is very likely. It goes without saying that the quality of the door made of paper is bought back with the money of wood.

Question 3: What are the differences in wooden door craftsmanship?

Regardless of the kind of door, the appearance is different because of the different processes required: the outside is divided into top paint baking varnish and reinforced top paint, which is a layer of leather on the outside, and polymer environmental protection, which is plastic. This comparison Affordable, the polymer sheet is different from this material. This polymer is anti-drop and anti-use. There are many types of paint-free products, and the previous paint-free products were just a layer of paper.

In addition, the glue used in solid wood composite doors is also different. If inferior glue is used, the formaldehyde content will naturally be high. The wooden door warranty period stipulated by the state is one year, and most people have basically half a year from buying the door back to actually using it. Therefore, it is necessary to do sufficient homework before buying, and to deduct fines when signing the contract. Words, wooden door contracts, literal words are really important!

Therefore, even if you are a layman, you have to know a little bit about everything, because the saying goes well, you will learn when you live!

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