The Working Principle Of Door Closer

The Working Principle Of Door Closer

Date:Oct 27, 2020

1 It needs to have the function of automatically stopping the door after opening the door;

2. Damping buffer function-the damping buffer is generated after the door is opened quickly to a certain position, and the damping buffer force and range can be adjusted according to the requirements of use; this function is used to prevent the door or lock from hitting the wall when the door is opened quickly, or emergency escape Prevent people from leaning forward and falling to the ground due to weightlessness when opening the door quickly.

3. Delayed slow door closing-the door closes slowly at a constant speed from the maximum position of the door opening, and can be steplessly adjusted according to requirements. It is suitable for use in places with frequent access and crowds, especially in hospitals, where there are doors and passages for the elderly, children and the disabled.

4. The closing force can be adjusted-it can be used for installation on doors with a wide range of door weight and door width, and in places where the door closing resistance is relatively large due to environmental reasons. Stepless adjustment at will to obtain a satisfactory closing force, especially in coastal cities, vehicles and ships, where the closing resistance (the force on the door) often changes due to the influence of wind.

5. Use environment: fire protection requirements and antifreeze requirements for places below minus 35° in winter.

Usually the door closer can be selected according to the manufacturer's product specifications, according to different strength or adjustable strength to match the size and weight of different doors.

Additional information:

In addition to installing a door closer on the fire door, if it is a side-by-side fire door, a sequencer is also installed. There is also another called a sequencer. It all means that the two doors of the fire door should be closed in a certain order to prevent the fire door from being half uncovered.

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