The Use Of Molded Door Panels

The Use Of Molded Door Panels

Date:Jan 07, 2021

Molded door panels are the category chosen by Volkswagen because they are economical, easy to install, and safe. So it is loved by most middle-income people. So what are the uses of molded door panels?

1) As indoor and outdoor doors

The daily application of molded door panels is the indoor door molded door, and the door made of molded door panels is the molded door. It uses plantation wood, peeled, sliced, sieved, ground into dry fibers, mixed with phenolic glue as a binder and paraffin wax, and then molded at high temperature and high pressure. Molded door panels have uneven patterns, which is actually a high-density fiberboard with uneven patterns. Because the price is more economical and safer than solid wood doors, it is favored by middle-income families.

2) As a cabinet door

Molded door cabinets are cabinets made of molded board materials. Molded boards have always been the material of choice for mainstream European kitchen and bathroom furniture door panels. It is vacuum-pumped on the surface of the substrate and can have a three-dimensional shape. Due to the overall coating, it has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance. In addition, the color and texture of the molded door panel are richer, and the room for selection is relatively large to meet your needs for any color Because of the manufacturability of the MDF, the surface of the molded door panel can also generate various three-dimensional shapes, which can meet the different needs of different customers for different styles, and is resistant to scratch and wear.

Summary: Now the domestic fine decoration market continues to mature and the international market is declining precious woods, composite solid wood doors produced with molded door panels are increasingly favored by consumers around the world. There are many types of molded door panels, and they are also low-carbon, environmentally friendly and beautiful. , Convenient, no cracking and many other advantages, so it is loved by consumers.

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