The Product Is FM Certified

The Product Is FM Certified

Date:Apr 15, 2019

FM standards, the world's better fire standards, are not well known due to their unique background as overseas insurers.When building contractors in the United States and other developed countries choose fire protection products, whether the target products have obtained FM certification is the first question they must consider.In China's various large fire project construction, the FM certification requirements are very common.This is to summarize some experience in following up fire engineering in the past and pay attention to FM Global.

First, a brief introduction to FM Global

FM Global is actually an insurance company;An insurance company specializing in insuring only manufacturing plants (except nuclear plants);An insurance company with its own fire science research laboratory;An insurance company with the unique system of mutual insurance in the world;It has only 15 consultants in China, but it CARES for nearly a thousand factory customers across the country, all of whom speak English so well that the words used in the report are hard to find in the dictionary.The top management of many world-renowned companies (especially American companies) have great trust in them and love spray protection in the construction of fire protection system.Almost ignoring the lives of people in fires loss.

What is FM authentication?

FM Global insurance company (FM Global) is the largest industrial and commercial property insurance company in the world and one of the most stringent quality control institutions in the United States.

The "FM certification" certificate is universally recognized as a symbol of product quality, indicating that the product or service has passed the test of the highest international standard.Generally, only fire protection products with FM certification can be covered by relevant property insurance or fire insurance in the global scope, otherwise, the insurance company refuses to insure the insurer.

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