Fire label:FM WHI UL

Fire label:FM WHI UL

Date:Jun 19, 2019

The purpose of this business trip is mainly to go to the Philippines to investigate whether all aspects of investment and construction are available.The reason why company does this is that try to avoid the trouble of the United States levying high tariffs on China.

After some of the company's leaders returned from the Philippines, the overall feeling is that the plan in the Philippines is feasible. The return on investment is relatively conservative and should have more potential.

In a word ,our company' development strategy is three sentences:

  1. Starting in dalian;

  2. Developing in China;

  3. Competing in the world.

GH products constantly strive to meet the demands of the doors by providing premium products to the customers.The GH commitment is to provide superior quality and efficient service, at competitive pricing to our valued customers.

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