The Main Points Of Protection Of Steel Fire Doors

The Main Points Of Protection Of Steel Fire Doors

Date:Sep 18, 2020

After the metal fire door is installed, there is still another work to be done, which is the protection of the finished steel fire door.How does the protection of the fire door finished product proceed, and what are the points to note? Today, the Liaoning fire door manufacturer Golden House Doors and Windows Manufacturing Company will take everyone to discuss this issue.

The protection of the finished 3hr steel fire door is carried out after the installation of the metal door frame. Generally speaking, the installation of the fire door is to install the door frame first, and then hang the door leaf after the second construction is completed, so that the fire door can be better protected Protect the finished product.

What should be paid attention to when protecting the finished fire door? According to the experience of golden house Doors and Windows manufacturing , the protection of finished fire doors requires the following points:

fire-proof door

      1. Check whether the fit gap between the door frame and the door leaf of the fire door is even, and whether there are any defects that affect the use.

      2. After the installation of the fire door frame is completed, the opening decoration and painting work can be carried out. After the painting operation is completed, the cement, mortar and other residues on the profile must be immediately removed to prevent corrosion of the door profile.

      3. The openings where the fire door frame and door leaf have been installed shall not be used as transportation channels.

      4. It is strictly forbidden to install scaffolding and hang heavy objects on the door frame and door leaf of the fire door. The external scaffold shall not be pressed against the door frame and door leaf. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to step on the steel fire door frame and door leaf.

      5. Prevent sharp objects from scratching the surface of the door body of the fire door. It is prohibited to burn or scald the surface layer by electric or gas welding sparks during installation.

      6. During the three-dimensional crossing operation, it is strictly prohibited to collide with the door body and door frame of the steel fire door, which may cause deformation and damage of the door body and door frame.

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