The Fire Rated Door Quotation

- Jul 14, 2019-

Because the company has its own branch office in the United States, the company's leaders are fully aware that the US standard fire doors require zinc-iron alloys instead of the galvanized steel sheets that are commonly used in our company.Therefore, the company's leaders decided to use galvanized steel as a common material for steel fire doors in the near future.Zinc-iron alloy is a mixture of zinc and iron metal bonds. It is a whole and exhibits uniform physical and chemical properties.Zinc-iron alloy sheets are also called alloyed galvanized sheets. In the alloying process, the galvanized steel strip is heated to 550-560 ° C in an alloying furnace in 5 to 10 seconds to convert the pure zinc layer into an iron-zinc alloy. Its weldability, coating properties, heat resistance and corrosion resistance are better than ordinary galvanized sheets.After the company later uses the expensive zinc-iron alloy to produce steel fire doors, the company's products will be more popular at home and abroad.