The Fire Rated Door For 3hr In China

- Jul 14, 2019-

On July 12, Mr. Houston, a large American customer who sold the company's foreign trade department for many years, came to Dalian. Later, Miss Gao Fei and the company's mechanics and other members took the customer to the factory to visit and inspect the goods.
After arriving at the factory, Houston firstly checked the steel fire rated frames, saw that most of his goods had been produced and packaged, and he was satisfied on the spot: It's very nice.
At noon, Miss Gao Fei took the customer and company members to dinner at the restaurant near the factory, specifically let the customer order the dishes he loved. Everyone used up their lunch in a pleasant atmosphere. When leaving, Ms. Gao Fei’s right arm, the salesman Jake Ardern, did not bring a mobile phone when she went to the toilet. When she came back, she found that the mobile phone was not on the table, and she was shocked. Then Houston laughed and took Jake Ardern's cell phone out of his pocket. Everyone is excited about the humor of American customers.
After lunch, I returned to the office. Miss Gao Fei, Song De Science and Technology, and the factory manager and customers gathered to negotiate and confirm the specific details of the hardware equipped with the fire door. Don't look at this is a small hardware, but everyone has been discussing for a lock for nearly three hours. This shows that the details determine success or failure. Therefore, we must pay attention to the details in our work.
Finally, after all the details we had to negotiate or confirm with the customer, Miss Gao Fei took the customer and finally visited the factory's product room. After the customer saw so many styles of fire doors in the factory, they were deeply impressed.
Finally, all of us returned to Dalian in the evening.