The Fire Rated Door

The Fire Rated Door

Date:Jul 10, 2019

This time, the meeting of all the staff of the department of Foreign Trade, Mrs. Cai, let us speak freely and put forward the difficulties in their work. Let's discuss how to solve the problem.For example, some employees have proposed that the connection between the customer and the factory is not smooth enough, and that the time required by the employee to purchase the hardware is often higher than the time required by the customer.

After everyone raised the issue, the director, Mr. Cai, always pursued the principle of seeking truth from facts, solving problems together, working hard together to earn money, and solving all the problems for our employees.After the meeting, everyone was full of confidence in the work in the second half of 2019 and the step-by-step improvement in performance.

Thanks to Dalian Golden House Door & Window Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for providing professional fire rated doors to the world!

Thank you for your leadership and always be with us forever.

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