Steel Fire Door Installation Method!

Steel Fire Door Installation Method!

Date:Sep 07, 2020


First of all, wooden fire doors in the installation, the size of the door frame should be less than 20mm hole, the foot of the door frame buried in the ground under 20mm. The door frame should be fixed firmly with the wall, with vertical Angle. Stand or support frame or frame should pay close attention to the flat Angle, avoid planing and sawing. The fixed points on both sides of the door frame should be no less than 3, and the spacing should not be greater than 800mm.

Secondly, considering the bending deformation of the door frame in the installation process of the steel fire door, timber timber should be used to support the door frame in the direction of width, the foot of the door frame should be buried 20mm below the ground, and then the door frame and embedded parts on the wall should be welded. Then holes are made in the wall at the corner of the door frame, and concrete of cement, sand, and expanded perlite (1:2:5) is poured, which can be used when the concrete sets.

Fire doors are required to be closed:

The national standard has clear requirements on the gap size of each joint of the fire door: to the steel fire door, it is required that the overlap between the fan and the door frame shall not be less than 10mm, and the gap on both sides between the fan and the door frame shall not be greater than 4mm. After the fire door is installed and closed, the gap should not be too large, otherwise the sealing performance of the fire door is difficult to ensure, and it is difficult to reflect its suppression of fire and smoke spread under fire conditions.

Accordingly, the width that the leave seam that fire door installs must be controlled strictly. According to these standard specification is installed, can assure the effective action of fire door on certain level, consumer must be in when hiring construction unit supervise in the side, prevent the occurrence of the problem such as they cut corners, such ability lets fire door won't cause the casualty of personnel when happening fire.

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