Steel And Wood Fire Door Selection Points

Steel And Wood Fire Door Selection Points

Date:Oct 22, 2020

(3) steel and wood fire door points of purchase

1, the door surface treatment process

At present, the surface treatment process in the market is mainly divided into two categories:

(1) Film sticking process: the surface of the steel plate is pasted with PVC material similar to wood grain (namely, plastic). The production process is PVC material pasted on the steel plate by heat bonding. In the process of using such products, due to changes in cold and heat, degumming, lamination, fading and other phenomena may occur, and the degumming and rust phenomenon are more serious after sharp instruments scratch the surface.

(2) Transfer painting process: the steel plate is treated with phosphating liquid anti-corrosion → spray coating on the steel plate bottom surface → bake → transfer the wood grain to the paint on the steel plate bottom surface → bake → the surface adopts automobile painting process, with relatively stable performance.

2. The door covering materials in the current market are mainly divided into four categories:

(1) Laminated veneer door cover: laminated veneer (PVC) or sticker paint, etc., is easy to fall off and delaminate between the veneer and the plate in a wet and dry environment, and the surface is not smooth. Long-term use of veneers and plates will produce anaerobe, so that the material deformation, affect the use and aesthetic.

(2) Density board door cover: the density board surface sticker is mainly used for painting or PVC film production, because the density board is made of straw fiber plus glue, through high pressure, so it will expand, mold, deformation after water absorption, its density is greatly reduced after expansion, thus affecting the nail grip force and service life.

(3) Steel door cover: the production process of steel door frame is adopted. There is no color difference between the door cover and the door fan. The surface is formed by steel plate and adopts the process of transfer painting. This kind of door is covered mostly one side line and line is more onefold, installation method and steel qualitative door are same, make its lost the essence of door of steel and wood suit interior.

(4) Multi-layer UV varnish decorative door cover: it is a new type of door cover, multi-layer board with transfer wood grain, surface UV varnish finishing process, the product color is full, gorgeous, because of the use of UV varnish finish so that the product to use a better state, with no deformation, not cracking, moistureproof, heat resistant, wear-resistant, pollution-free and other characteristics.

3. Line materials

There are three main types of lines on the market:

(1) Wood-plastic lines: The surface of wood-plastic substrate is coated with film (PVC) or sticker paint. Due to the bonding process applied to the surface, the veneer and substrate are easy to fall off in the process of use, prone to surface bubbling, and the wood-plastic substrate is easy to powder.

(2) Plastic steel lines: Plastic steel substrate surface film (PVC), due to the surface of the bonding process, in the process of use between the veneer and the substrate is easy to fall off, surface bubbling and other phenomena.

(3) Molding steel paint line: Transfer wood grain and UV paint finishing process are used on the surface of high-quality molding steel substrate, the product is full of color and gorgeous, so that the product reaches a better state.

4. Steel plate thickness:

Steel plate thickness is more can reflect the quality of the part, due to the diversification of the market price, steel plate thickness is also different, such as to achieve product surface level, smooth, stable performance, steel plate thickness should reach 0.5mm and more than 0.5mm, its anti-collision, anti-impact to achieve good results. And the inferior product of a few enterprises, choose 0.3mm or thinner steel plate, cause surface flatness difference, steel of door body is insufficient.


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