Silent Doors Are Not Soundproof Doors

Silent Doors Are Not Soundproof Doors

Date:Sep 22, 2020

When many people want to improve the sound insulation of a room, the first thing they think of is the door. However, many people do not understand soundproof doors and soundproof doors. They usually confuse silent door with soundproof doors. Some people even think that silent door are soundproof doors, and they use the standard and price of silent doors to measure soundproof doors. In fact:

Let's talk about the difference between the two below.

The difference in material

Mute doors are mostly improved on the basis of wooden doors, and the door leaf and door cover are still made of wood.

The main body of the soundproof door adopts an all-steel structure, and the internal multi-layer composite high-density soundproof structure uses the quality law of acoustics and the law of damping to overcome the "match valley" phenomenon at the same time to ensure that the door body will not be deformed for a long time. The door core plate is made of 2mm cold-rolled galvanized steel, and the surface of the door leaf can be attached with a layer of decorative finish, which is generally a wood grain decorative board, so the soundproof door can be regarded as a steel-wood composite material.

The difference between structure and seal

As an indoor door, the silent door has no threshold or slope-type threshold design and is sealed for three weeks. The door leaf is butted with the oblique opening at the closing position of the door sleeve, and a magnetic strip is attached to the oblique opening surface, which reduces the sound of closing the door leaf.

The soundproof door adopts a surrounding sealing structure with a threshold, a back-shaped door frame and a soundproof door leaf, which connect the door frame and the door leaf through a hinge hinge, and adopt the imported EPDM rubber used in the car, which is designed to seal the composite soundproof door structure. The sound insulation rubber strip meets three sealing requirements.

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