Should The Fire Emergency Door On The Roof Be Locked?

Should The Fire Emergency Door On The Roof Be Locked?

Date:Nov 04, 2020

Liu, a migrant worker from Anhui, was at the mall because he was at a disagreement with his parents. Taking advantage of his family's attention, he reached the top of the mall through the stairs of the mall and wanted to commit suicide several times. The staff of the mall immediately called the police when they found out. Firefighters rushed to the scene of the incident to spread the air cushion, and the police also set up a cordon on the scene. After nearly half an hour of persuasion by fire officers and policemen, the man was finally persuaded.

It is understood that at the time of the incident, the scene was crowded with people, and everyone questioned why such a tall building could go up if you wanted to, at least it should be locked. Liu's parents even went to the mall many times to conduct theories, accusing the mall of lax management, how can such a high building go up and down at will. "Our shopping mall is a crowded place with a large flow of people and a lot of combustible materials. The fire access to the roof of the building is a barrier-free channel. The door cannot be locked because in the event of a fire, people can run to the building through the barrier-free channel. Top escape." In the face of the accusation, the shopping mall seemed helpless.

So what exactly does the door to the top floor play? Should we lock the top floor of a high-rise building? The reporter interviewed the municipal fire department. Liu, an engineer with professional technical authority, told reporters that high-rise buildings have always been a difficult point for fire rescues. Once an accident occurs, this door can play an important role.

She took the Shanghai Jing’an apartment fire as an example to introduce to reporters. Everyone who has seen the skyrocketing flames of the Shanghai apartment fire will feel terrified and will helplessly ask: "Will the high-rise building where my house is on fire like this? ? In case of fire, what is my escape?"

Liu said that in general, there are 3 hours fire doors on the top of residential buildings, leading to the roof platform. If a fire or other danger occurs, residents can take refuge here and wait for rescue. There are two types of roof designs: Master roof and non-accessible roof. The design of Master roof has a roof fire door. This kind of fire door cannot be locked but can be closed. If locked, it violates the relevant provisions of the Fire Safety Law.

Regarding the method of escaping from the fireproof wood grain steel door on the top of the building, Liu introduced that generally there are two safe passages on the building floor with the design of the fire door on the top floor. In the event of a fire, the residents living on the higher floors should escape upward and evacuate from the fire door on the top floor. There is a safe passage in another part of the building, and residents living on lower floors should escape down the original fire passage. Of course, in special circumstances, residents have to deal with it flexibly according to the on-site situation. However, Liu emphasized that the premise of these self-rescue methods is that the door on the top floor should be closed at ordinary times and must not be locked.

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