Selection Guide For Environmental Protection Wooden Doors

Selection Guide For Environmental Protection Wooden Doors

Date:Nov 13, 2020

Nowadays, doors are getting more and more attention from people. If the wooden doors you choose are creative enough, you will be able to enjoy the individual personality of each room.

1. Environmental indicators of wooden doors

Wood furniture harmful substances limit

Formaldehyde emission (mg/L)≤1.5

Heavy metal content (limited color paint) mg/kg soluble lead ≤90

Soluble cadmium ≤75

Soluble chromium≤60

Soluble mercury≤60

Note: Hazardous substances produced by wooden furniture are mainly used in artificial wood panels and paints.

The material of the door should be consistent with the material selection of the overall decoration. For example, if the wood floor is made of manchurian ash, you should also use manchurian ash when decorating the wooden door.

When choosing wooden door materials, you should choose drying materials, that is, wood materials that have been dried by the manufacturer, rather than natural air-dried wood materials. The biggest disadvantage of air-dried wood is that it is easy to deform. After a long period of time, deformation or cracking will occur, which greatly reduces the beautiful shape and decorative effect of the entire door. Therefore, when you order the door, it is best to choose the board products produced by professional manufacturers or professional manufacturers to ensure the quality.

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