See The Splicing Door

See The Splicing Door

Date:Dec 22, 2020

Only the beauty that can be achieved by himself, but the brilliance that has not been waiting for!

1 Join the wooden door?

As we all know, splicing doors are actually doors made up of multiple colors. The splicing door can be decorated with various things in the middle, and the appearance is relatively beautiful, which is loved by many young people now. Its material is the reinforced floor material used, which is wear-resistant, stable and has a long use time.

2 Joining process

The assembly process is generally divided into European style assembly (bevel) and Japanese style assembly (right angle), which can be milled and linearly spliced according to customer needs and aesthetics. The splicing place is treated with imported hot wood foil environmental protection technology. It has the advantages of fashion, beauty, strong three-dimensional effect, thick, durable, environmental protection, etc., almost comparable to the high-end wooden doors on the market.

3 Base material, green and environmental protection

The material of splicing wooden door is basically solid wood and reinforced composite board (commonly known as high-density board), and the solid wood is basically cedar. This wood has low water absorption rate and can prevent the door leaf from deforming. It is durable and is recognized as the first choice for doors in the world. The surface material is basically reinforced composite board CPL laminated skin. This material has a delicate and smooth hand feeling, not only the pattern and color are unique, but also is non-slip, mold-proof, stain-resistant, abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, aging-resistant, and not easy to fade. As time goes by, the colors are still new.

4 Combining door features

1. The surface is made of solid wood and laminate flooring. Achieved (slip resistance, corrosion resistance, non-fading, scratch resistance, anti-collision, noise reduction.)

2. The edge sealing of the splicing door adopts a unique "R" arc design.

3. The style is stylish, simple and generous, and the surface can be made into two-color.

4. U-shaped steel is used inside (the steel pipe is like a human skeleton to support and prevent deformation.)

5. Cunninghamia lanceolata (the wood has straight texture, uniform structure, no warping and cracking, the bulk density of the wood is 0.39, the material is light and tough, the strength is moderate, and the quality coefficient is high. It has a fragrance, and the wood contains "fir brain", which can resist insects and corrosion.)

6. Protein-like baking paint is scratch-resistant and environmentally friendly products, no need to brush (spray) paint, avoiding environmental protection and human damage to furniture caused by multiple constructions. Rejecting the source of pollution starts from my "door".

7. Korean-style doors adopt Korean-style splicing technology, which improves the problems of insufficient flatness, monotonous color and uncoordinated matching of the previous wooden door products.

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