Security Door Selection Of General Knowledge Strategy

Security Door Selection Of General Knowledge Strategy

Date:Oct 23, 2020

1. Abrasion resistance.

What with wear-resisting degree correlation is the material that locks the door. Ask the dealer what it is made of, for example, the difference between cast iron and steel mentioned above.

Second, feel.

The handle of the door lock is decided by the spring, the handle when the good or bad of the spring decides to use and service life. Some lock spring is not good, cause handle to drop very easily consequently, ended the life of the door lock thereby. When the choose and buy should personally try the toughness of door lock spring, the feeling that good spring brings is very downy, won't be too soft also won't be too hard.

Three, coating.

Look at the door lock coating in the process of purchase, that is, consider whether the door lock handle will fade. Generally speaking, the protective layer of a good door lock, that is, the coating will not be easily oxidized and worn. The plating layer of door lock handle concerns the beautiful of bedroom whole, consequently this also cannot ignore.


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