Repair The Steel Door Guide

Repair The Steel Door Guide

Date:Jan 28, 2019

If you have ever had to replace hardware from a fire-rated door with a new device, you know that the mounting holes on the new device do not always line up with the old ones. This means there will be holes left behind where the old hardware was attached, making the door incompliant with NFPA’s standards. Unfortunately, replacing a fire door can be costly, especially when there are only small holes located in the door. However, according to NFPA there are two methods to sealing up small holes caused by the removal of hardware.

When holes are left in a door or frame due to changes or removal of hardware or plant-ons, the holes shall be repaired by the following methods:

Install steel fasteners that adequately fill the holesFill the screw or bolt holes with the same material as the door or frame.

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