Re Door Inspections In Healthcare Facilities

Re Door Inspections In Healthcare Facilities

Date:Mar 19, 2019

Requirements For Fire Door Inspections In Healthcare Facilities


Im sure by now everyone is well aware that The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued a memorandum on required annual fire door inspections in healthcare facilities. This memo stated that the deadline for compliance with The National Fire Protection Associations (NFPA) requirements for annual fire door inspections had been extended to January 1, 2018. And now that it is the middle of September,  time is running out!


NFPA 80, Section 5.2.1 requires, fire door assemblies shall be inspected and tested not less than annually, and a written record of the inspection shall be signed and kept for inspection by the AHJ.


Making sure that your facilitys fire doors are tested and inspected annually and providing a written record for your AHJ may seem like a tedious task. But a properly functioning fire door is critical to the integrity of the building and the safety of its occupants. Fire doors are designed to prevent the passage of fire and smoke, while providing a safe evacuation for patients, resident, doctors, nurses and anyone else who maybe in the building during a fire. There are many parts that go into making a fire door work, which make inspections complex and require a qualified inspector in the field to perform the annual inspection as accurately as NFPA requires.

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