Precautions For Maintenance Of Steel Fire Doors

Precautions For Maintenance Of Steel Fire Doors

Date:Aug 21, 2020

1. The normally closed fire door set in the front room of the evacuation corridor, smoke-proof stairwell or Shared front room should not be opened artificially in the process of use. Become a "normally open" fire door, in the event of a fire, such a "normally open" fire door does not prevent smoke and fire.

2, often check the integrity of the fire door, check whether the door opener, the sequence of the use of fire door can be closed in order. If the screw on hinge or hinge is loose, repair it immediately if it is damaged.

3, put an end to the use of units one-sided pursuit of decorative effect, fire door frame will be cancelled and only set the door cover made of ordinary wood. The original frame of the door into other materials, a large range of decorative surface layer, thereby destroying the fire coating, not fire effect.

4, the normally open fire door should be regularly tested, check its own close control system, door opener, sequester, release switch and other aspects are easy to use. Whether can have the function that closes oneself effectively when fire happens, want to prevent at the same time firmly in normally open type fire door side piles up article at will.

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