Open Lacquered Wood Door Purchase Skills Introduction

Open Lacquered Wood Door Purchase Skills Introduction

Date:Nov 18, 2020

Everyone may be familiar with paint. The walls are decorated with paint, and the surface of the door will also be painted, but there must be many people who are not familiar with the paint on the door. The paint on the surface of wooden doors mainly includes open paint and closed paint, but for many people, these are confusing. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of open-painted wooden doors today. What are the tips for buying open lacquered wooden doors?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of open lacquered wood doors?

1. Open paint definition

Open paint (mainly nitro paint) is a finishing process that completely reveals the pipe holes on the wood surface. Its main component is polyurethane (PU), with low concentration, which is characterized by obvious wood holes, clear texture, and small amount of paint. Matte, natural texture, can be repaired twice. However, the cost is high, and the spraying technology is highly required, requiring more than six or seven times or even ten times.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of open paint

Open paint means that you can see the natural characteristics of the wood grain, just change the color. This is a commonly used coating method in European and American countries, that is, the wood is colored with a water-based color paste on the treated substrate, and then polished and topped Paint, and then apply transparent topcoat, the basic process flow is: sanding-primer-sanding-base coloring-second primer-sanding-surface repair color-top paint but the open paint is too dependent on The texture of the original wood substrate is relatively strict and demanding in terms of material selection. Therefore, the open paint is a spray painting process that completely reveals the brown holes of the wood surface texture, which is characterized by obvious wood holes, clear texture and strong natural feeling. However, its cost is high, and it requires high spraying technology. Generally speaking, open paint requires that the brown holes of the wood must be deeper and obvious, such as oak and ash.

Open lacquered wood door purchase skills

1. Look at the appearance (lacquer and veneer)

The high-quality open lacquered wooden door has a full and smooth paint surface, rich and natural, and the paint film has good transparency. The texture of the surface material is clear and realistic, and the physical properties of the appearance are at a glance. There are many ripples and particles, the transparency of the paint film is poor, the surface texture is fuzzy, and the appearance of the wood is difficult to distinguish.

The reason for the low-quality open-lacquered wooden door is that, on the one hand, the paint selected by the manufacturer is of poor quality, and the craftsmanship and equipment are inadequate; on the other hand, the veneer used has many flaws, so the transparency of the coating is deliberately reduced to cover the surface. Defects such as dead knots, holes, decay, discoloration, cracks, and indentations.

2, weigh the weight (whether the weight is appropriate)

A good open lacquered wooden door should not be too light. Compared with several open lacquered wooden doors of the same specification and the same surface layer material, the open lacquered wooden door with too light weight can hardly be said to be a high-quality open lacquered wooden door, because the core material used is mostly softer (Such as poplar), the pipes and pores in the wood are relatively large; or the core material inside is too small, making the open lacquered wooden door not strong enough. This kind of open lacquered wooden door has poor strength and impact resistance, and has no sound insulation effect. it is good.

3. Look at the joints of veneer or solid wood

The veneer or solid wood splicing of high-quality open lacquered wooden doors are processed finely, and no bonding traces can be seen, while the veneer or solid wood of low-quality open lacquered wooden doors is rougher, and the splices are more obvious, and even cracks and dislocations appear.

4. Look at the flatness of the open lacquered wooden door

High-quality open lacquered wooden doors have strict requirements on material selection, process control and factory inspection. The finished open lacquered wooden doors have a flat and straight surface and a perfect appearance after installation. Inferior open lacquered wooden doors have low requirements on materials, processes and inspections. The degree of warpage is large, and it is obvious that the open lacquered wooden door cannot be aligned with the door frame after installation.

The difference between open paint and closed paint and related decoration knowledge such as open lacquered wooden door purchase techniques are introduced here. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, you can follow our website. , We will answer you as soon as possible.


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