Open Door Fans Flames Of House Fire, Causing $75,000 Damage

Open Door Fans Flames Of House Fire, Causing $75,000 Damage

Date:Dec 04, 2018

MADISON (WKOW) — Fire investigators say a resident walked away and forgot about the pan of oil on the stove, which caught fire about 3 a.m. Sunday. However an open door made the damage far worse, fire officials say.

The fire had already produced a dangerous amount of smoke in the duplex on Alison Lane, so the occupant evacuated her duplex, leaving the door open behind her in hopes it would help the smoke dissipate.

However the open door allowed more air to flow into the household, feeding the fire which caused an estimated $75,000 in damage, according to a fire department incident report.

This was the second cooking-related fire to occur in a four-day time span.

Fire officials remind residents to:

Stand by your pan.

Keep an eye on what you fry.

Turn pot handles toward the back of the stove.

Keep a pan lid or cookie sheet nearby to cover the pan if it catches on fire. Do not apply water to grease fires.

If confronted with a fire in your home, evacuate immediately, closing doors and windows behind you as you’re able, and call 911.

Leaving doors and windows open allows air to fuel the fire, causing it to grow and spread to other rooms and hallways.

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