Nominal Fire Doors

Nominal Fire Doors

Date:Mar 03, 2019

Nominal fire doors are door sets that are not certified but in the opinion of an assessor will hold back a fire for a specified period of time. Identifying nominal fire doors is very difficult but there are a number of clues that may indicate the door is a nominal fire door. A certified fire door that is installed into an existing, uncertified frame, can, at its best, only ever be a nominal fire door and it would be the installer’s responsibility to judge the suitability of the frame.

Fire Door Assemblies, where a fire door leaf is installed together with a new frame constructed by an installer from loose timber can only be a nominal fire door and again it is the installer’s responsibility to ensure that all components are suitable and that the frame matches the guidance from the fire door manufacturer. That said Fire Door Assemblies have been the traditional way of installing fire doors in the UK.

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