Date:Sep 22, 2018

In recent years, NFPA 80 annual inspections have become a hot topic among the healthcare facility arena. With CMS adopting the 2012 version of the Life Safety Code, annual inspections of Fire Rated Door assemblies became a requirement. Along with the requirement of inspections, the code requires reports that contain specific information, as well as the inspector being trained as an inspector. At Accurate Fire Door, all of our inspectors have been certified to inspect the Fire Door Assemblies in your facility. The inspection criteria is clear cut and our inspectors know how to get in and do the job right. Our reports exceed the requirements of the code and have been reviewed and approved by surveyors from both CMS and TJC.  Accurate Fire Door has been of the forefront on the new code adoptions and we strive to be the “Go-To” source for all commercial facilities when it comes to Fire Rated Doors. We have completed projects as small as 10 doors and up to over 10,000 doors. We believe we have the best pricing in the industry and stand behind our reports. Our mission is to make sure your facility is in compliance.

In the United States, the NFPA requires annual inspections of fire-resistance rated door and frame assemblies.

NFPA 80 5.2.4.requires the following items shall be verified, at minimum:

NFPA 80 States:


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