Must Have A Label On Fire Rated Door

Must Have A Label On Fire Rated Door

Date:Mar 04, 2019

One of the requirements for fire doors are fire rated labels.

According to NFPA 80, fire doors are required to have a fire rated label that remains legible throughout the duration of the door. These labels are there to mark that the openings of a fire door and frame have been tested and passed according to the required standards. Each label contains information about that particular fire door and frame. This information includes the manufacturer, the fire-resistance rating, if the opening needs to be furnished with fire exit hardware, and if the door has a temperature rise rating or is a smoke door assembly. The fire door labels may also provide the manufacturer's number to access more information about the door’s original construction. Fire rated labels are typically made of metal, paper or plastic, but may be allowed to be printed into the door item.

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