Material Used In Hospital Doors

Material Used In Hospital Doors

Date:May 09, 2019

Material used in hospital doors

The materials used in hospital doors are mainly divided into two types: wood and steel.

There are two kinds of wood, HPL board and CPL board. CPL antimicrobial board: Hospital door made of CPL antimicrobial board has excellent antimicrobial performance and anti-collision and scratch resistance. Especially damp-proof and easy to clean. HPL fire-proof board: The hospital door made of HPL fire-proof board has excellent impact resistance, fire resistance and scratch resistance, and the fire-proof index meets the national standard. Public places attach great importance to the fireproofing performance of indoor doors. Siegel products are made of high-quality fireproofing boards. The fireproofing indicators have reached the national certification, which can gain more time for fire fighting, which is also incomparable with ordinary wooden doors.

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