Installation Steps And Precautions For Wooden Door Hinges

Installation Steps And Precautions For Wooden Door Hinges

Date:Jan 11, 2021

The hinge is a small part hidden between the door, the fan and the frame in the installation of the door and the fan, but it is the most important connecting piece to realize the opening and closing of the door and the fan. Doors and fans can be opened and closed well and require sophisticated hinges. How to install the high-quality hinges in the right position is also a key factor. Hinges are divided into ordinary hinges, pipe hinges and door hinges, which are mainly used for the installation and connection of different components. Today I will share with you the steps and precautions for installing wooden door hinges.

1. Preparation before hinge installation

1. Determine whether the height, width and thickness of the hinge match the wooden door. Hinges that do not match the height, width, and thickness may cause the hinge to fail to meet the requirements and affect the use of the wooden door;

2. Hinge installation requires matching screws and other fastening accessories, check whether the accessories are matched and the quantity is complete;

3. Determine the number and height of hinge installation.

(1) The number of hinges is determined by the base material of the door. Usually, the installation of lighter doors such as paint-free doors or PVC only needs two hinges; solid wood composite doors, solid wood doors, etc. For heavier doors, it is better to install three hinges, and it can also carry the weight of the wooden door to avoid deformation and damage after a long time of use. The third hinge should be installed 30 cm below the upper hinge installation position;

(2) Pipe hinges (zinc alloy and galvanized iron) have spring devices, which are mainly used for the connection of furniture door panels. The thickness is required to be between 16-20mm. Usually the number of installations is two. The upper and lower hinges are respectively At 1/3 of the upper and lower corners;

(3) Ordinary hinges are installed at a quarter of the upper and lower corners of the door to ensure uniform force.

4. Choose the corresponding hinge connection method according to the material, such as the connection of wooden doors and frames with screws.

Two, wooden door hinge installation

1. Slotting. Make sure that the side where the hinge is installed is slotted. The depth of the slot should be the same as the thick soil of the single sheet. After slotting, place the single sheet flat in the slot and check whether the surface of the sheet is with the door edge ( The surface of the door cover) is flush;

2. Fasten the hinge. Use matching screws to fix the hinges. The screws should be perpendicular to the door cover and the surface of the door edge. If the screws are oblique, the hinges may squeeze when closing the door, which will affect the service life of the door.

3. Precautions for the installation of the mother and child hinge

1. Different from ordinary hinges, the parent-child hinge is not two pages of the same size, but looks like a pair of mother and child, composed of a smaller child page and a larger mother page. The sheet is shaped like a hollowed-out part of the master sheet. Compared with ordinary hinges, the child and mother hinges are thinner and not suitable for heavier wooden doors;

2. The core of the hinge is the bearing. The flexibility and durability of the door opening and closing are all determined by the bearing. The load-bearing capacity of the parent-child hinge is lighter than that of ordinary hinges. It is best to install three hinges. Page for better load bearing;

3. If it is a wooden door to install the mother-in-one hinge, it is best to use 304 stainless steel. The thickness of this hinge is 3mm thick, and it can be clearly felt thick and flexible in the hand.

The above is a detailed introduction about the installation of wooden door hinges, I hope it can help you install it easily and quietly.

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