How To Refurbish Old Wooden Door Frames And Doors?

How To Refurbish Old Wooden Door Frames And Doors?

Date:Nov 18, 2020

If you live in the house for a long time, some furniture will be damaged or scratched on the surface, and it will be particularly wasteful if you throw it away. If you can refurbish, you will save a lot of money. Today we will talk about how to refurbish old wooden door frames and doors.

1. How to refurbish old wooden door frames and doors?

1. The surface layer of the wooden door is damaged. If the surface layer of the wooden door is only slightly damaged, such as scratches and hard-to-erasable stains, then you can consider painting it directly.

(1) Finished doors are generally waxed. First, the wooden doors need to be polished with sandpaper to improve paint adhesion.

(2) Then apply primer and topcoat directly.

2. The base of the wooden door is damaged. If the surface of the wooden door is damaged, such as a crack or a pit in a certain place

(1) First put putty on the damaged area, then sand paper, and then apply primer and top coat.

(2) Refurbishment materials should not be careless about the choice of refurbished paint for wooden doors, except for different damages and slightly different treatment methods.

(3) Another problem that needs attention in the renovation of wooden doors is the choice of renovation paint. Paint has a great influence on the quality and environmental protection of wooden doors, so you can't be careful when choosing.

2. What are the specific steps for refurbishing old wooden doors?

1. Use fine sandpaper on the surface of the old wooden door, and then paint it. Because the finished wooden door is waxed and the wood is rich in grease, it is more convenient to paint after sanding. The polishing process will not damage the quality of the wooden door products, so consumers can rest assured to refurbish.

2. Remove the original wooden door handle to make the refurbished wooden door paint more evenly and avoid product scratches. Use sandpaper to polish the surface of the wooden door again. The corners of the wooden door cannot be polished too much. Then wipe the surface of the wooden door with a damp cloth to wipe the polished powder clean to facilitate painting and provide adhesion.

3. Remove the old wooden door to facilitate painting and put it in a relatively empty room for renovation. Avoid soiling the home space, and make the construction easier for the master. If the wooden door is not disassembled, spraying directly on the surface will cause uneven paint on the surface, which will affect the decorative effect and use performance.

4. After painting, let the wooden door dry naturally, and then paint it, roughly three times. After it has dried naturally, install handles, locks and other accessories, and the wooden door is refurbished.

After learning the above renovation methods, you don't need to buy new furniture to make the furniture look new, but the old door renovation is time-consuming and laborious, and interested friends can try it.


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