How To Extend The Service Life Of Fire Doors?

How To Extend The Service Life Of Fire Doors?

Date:Sep 02, 2020

1. Purchase of fire rated doors:

We can choose suitable products through drawings. If it is some fire protection, transformation, small part replacement without special design. When drawing, the general principle is building. Use wooden fire doors inside, basements, garages, power distribution Room, computer room, or there are clear. Except for the parts that are required, the exterior of the building, and some places where the fire door can be exposed. Usually steel fire door is used. More, more than wooden doors It is sturdy and resistant to damage, especially in locations where the environment is not good, and has a certain anti-theft performance.

If it is used in some places with a harsh environment, such as places with excessive rain and high corrosiveness, consider using hollow core steel fire doors at this time, because this product has high stability and integrity Including decoration, they are not available in the first two.

2. Installation attention:

The installation of fire doors is also a particularly critical part. You must not cut corners, just try to save time and play tricks, because the main function of fire doors is to protect people's lives and property from fire. If the installation is unqualified , Then when a fire comes, the fire door will become a harmful door. Therefore, it must be installed according to strict specifications. After the door body is installed and fixed, the wall joints should be filled and painted in time. For the hollow metal steel fire door that looks larger, grouting should be done first. The purpose of this is to make it more durable.

3. Do not relax in daily maintenance:

Now we can't relax our vigilance on this point. Don't think that the installation is complete, just leave it alone, and there must be no less maintenance and maintenance on weekdays. We must have dedicated personnel to manage them. Once we find problems, we must deal with them in time. Remember Do not modify the fire door privately, such as locking the door or removing the door closer. It is not advisable to remove or install it privately.

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