How To Determine The Correct Opening Direction Of The Fire Door?

How To Determine The Correct Opening Direction Of The Fire Door?

Date:Sep 18, 2020

In an emergency situation of fire, personnel can open the exit fire door to achieve the purpose of escape and rescue. At this time, it is extremely important to ensure the correct opening direction of the fire resistant metal door.

If the direction is wrong, the personnel will need to repeat the experiment many times during the escape, which will cause inconvenience to the escape. How to determine the opening direction of the fire door is correct? Let's listen to Dalian Golden House Doors one by one!

In the relevant national regulations and standards for fire doors, it can be seen that there are clear regulations on the opening direction of fire doors, that is, to open in the safe direction of evacuation, but also in accordance with the door opening habits of personnel. In addition, the opening direction of all fire doors is the same, that is, whether it is a steel fire door or a wooden fire door, or the fire door grade is different, their opening direction is toward the safe direction of the evacuation passage.

Why should the opening direction of the fire door be opened towards the safe direction of evacuation? Assuming that a fire occurs indoors, people will choose to escape outdoors. At this time, the subconscious habit of personnel is to open the door outdoors. If the fire door is opened in the direction of the fire door, it will not only not meet the personnel’s door opening habit, but also through one or two tests to determine , This will affect the escape time of personnel, and the fire door will not function as a 3 hours fire door.

Emergency Exit Fireproof Door 

      Now, in places such as high-rise intensive communities and comprehensive commercial plazas, fire doors must be installed in the staircase walkways, which is also a key part of fire protection acceptance. There are a large number of fire doors in such places, and production, sales, and installation are all carried out in large quantities, and most of them are responsible for professionals. The opening direction of fire doors is generally not wrong. However, small places such as shops and restaurants, due to the small quantity and insufficient technical skills of the installation personnel, are prone to the wrong opening direction of the resisting fire rated door with panic bar.

      In order to avoid the occurrence of the wrong opening direction of the fire door, Dalian Golden House Door and Window Manufacturing Company reminds everyone again: we must strictly abide by the relevant regulations to set the correct opening direction of the fire door, and avoid installing the wrong direction, resulting in the fire prevention effect of the fire door. Play, the purpose of fire prevention will not be achieved!

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