How To Choose The Color Of The Kitchen Sliding Door?

How To Choose The Color Of The Kitchen Sliding Door?

Date:Dec 09, 2020

Sliding doors can greatly reduce the occupation of space, and are the best choice for many family kitchens and bathrooms, making small living spaces more spacious and maximizing space utilization. So how to choose the color of the kitchen sliding door? What are the techniques? Come and have a look.

How to choose the color of the kitchen sliding door?

1. Choose white

Sliding doors with white wooden frames are more commonly used in kitchens. With white solid wood cabinets and colorful tiles, the kitchen adopts the combination of multicolored tiles and diamond-shaped stickers to increase the fun of the kitchen.

2. Choose coffee color

The brown wooden frame is very suitable for European and Chinese style kitchens. Through the perfect curve and refined details, it brings endless comfort to the owner. Harmony is the highest state of the home.

3. Choose black

The black glass sliding door combines avant-garde fashion with casual comfort. The matching of black and white is an important element of fashion. The low-key luxury is perfectly displayed in a small space through high-quality decoration materials.

Selection skills of kitchen sliding doors

1. The color is stain resistant and the surface is easy to clean

The kitchen fume is heavy and easy to accumulate on the door profile and glass, so the surface of the profile is best to have a stain-resistant color, such as black or gray. The narrow side door leaf frame is easier to clean, and the narrow side sliding door like the high-end door and window manufacturer Fandier is embedded in the door frame. In addition to the large view, it also reduces the exposed area of the profile and is easy to clean.

How to choose glass fancy?

Generally speaking, the light in the living room and the kitchen should be more transparent to each other to increase the amount of light and make the light bright, especially the sufficient light in the kitchen is conducive to the growth of bacteria, and it is also easy to see the internal and external conditions, such as water boiling, fire It is not recommended to choose fancy styles that cover larger, but choose more delicate and light fancy styles such as grids and inlays.

2. It is light and convenient, can install three-track linkage

The kitchen door is an interior door, which does not have to withstand wind and rain, and is mainly light and easy to open the door leaf. Generally, the kitchen door is not very wide. Two doors are enough. If the door opening is relatively wide, three doors are recommended, because if the area of the single glass is too large, the glass will be heavy and heavy sliding doors are required, which is not convenient for sliding. .

Buffers can be installed to prevent pinching of hands and more safety.

3. Pay attention to the lower rail

The sliding door track should be as low as possible (the installation height of the track is not recommended to exceed 5mm). The low track of the high-end door and window manufacturer Fandier sliding door is very low, will not trip, and push and pull smoothly. It is also possible to install copper bars, directly drive the track on the ground cement and then hide the copper bar guide rails, but the process is complicated and the technical requirements are high.

There are many kinds of sliding doors in the kitchen, choose the right one, and the kitchen life is convenient, safe, comfortable and relaxing. Remember to pay attention to these points before choosing~

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