How To Choose Steel Doors4

How To Choose Steel Doors4

Date:Sep 23, 2020

See steel plate thickness

The thickness of the steel plate is the part that best reflects the quality of the product. Due to the diversification of market prices, the thickness of the steel plate is also different. If the surface of the product is to be smooth, clean, and stable, the thickness of the steel plate should be 0.5mm or more. Impact and impact resistance can achieve good results. However, some companies choose 0.3mm or thinner steel plates for their inferior products, resulting in poor surface flatness and insufficient door rigidity. Such products have seriously disrupted the normal order of competition in the steel-wood door industry, harmed the interests of consumers, and brought more quality complaints and after-sales problems to dealers of steel-wood doors. It is recommended that the market resolutely resist this inferior product.

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