How To Choose Steel Doors2

How To Choose Steel Doors2

Date:Sep 23, 2020

Door cover material

Door cover materials on the market are mainly divided into four categories:

1. Multi-layer board veneer door cover: Multi-layer board film (PVC) or sticker paint, etc., due to the laminating process on its surface, it is easy to fall off, delamination, and surface layer in a humid and dry environment. Bubble phenomenon, uneven. Long-term use will produce anaerobic bacteria between the veneer and the board, which will deform the material and affect the use and appearance.

2. MDF door cover: Mainly use MDF surface stickers for paint or PVC film production. Because MDF is made of straw fiber and glue, after high pressure, it will expand, mold and deform after absorbing water. Its density is greatly reduced, which affects the nail holding force and service life.

3. Steel door cover: adopts the production process of steel door frame, the door cover and the door leaf have no color difference, it is made of steel plate and the surface adopts the transfer paint baking process. Most of this kind of door covers are single-sided lines and relatively simple lines, and the installation method is the same as that of steel doors, which makes them lose the essence of steel and wood suit indoor doors.

4. Multilayer board UV paint finish door cover: It is a new type of door cover. The multilayer board adopts transfer wood grain and surface UV paint finish process. The product color is full and gorgeous. The product is made of UV paint finish. Achieve the best state of use, with the characteristics of no deformation, no cracking, moisture-proof, heat-proof, wear-resistant, and pollution-free.

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