How To Choose Steel Doors1

How To Choose Steel Doors1

Date:Sep 23, 2020

   Watch the surface treatment process of the door leaf

The surface treatment processes on the market are mainly divided into two categories:

1. Filming process: the surface of the steel plate is pasted with imitation wood grain (ie, compound plastic). The production process is that the PVC material is heat-sealed and pasted on the steel plate. During the use of such products, due to changes in cold and heat, there may be degumming and lifting The phenomenon of layering, leg color, etc., and the phenomenon of degumming and rusting after scratching the surface with a sharp object is serious;

2. Transfer paint baking process: the steel plate is treated with phosphating solution; the bottom surface of the steel plate is sprayed and baked to heat transfer the wood grain to the paint on the bottom surface of the steel plate; baking; the surface adopts the car paint process. The performance is relatively stable.

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