How To Choose A Soundproof Door?

How To Choose A Soundproof Door?

Date:Dec 22, 2020

The busier the metropolis, the more noise sources there are. Getting home from a busy day is like taking a quiet break away from noisy areas. If the soundproofing effect of the door at home is not good, it will not be quiet after returning home. So what are the tips for choosing a soundproof door for indoor noise prevention? Take a look.

1. The weight of the door panel

The effect of the soundproof door is directly related to the density of the material, so the density is higher, the sound barrier effect is better, and the sound insulation is relatively good. Therefore, when we choose a soundproof door, we can pay attention to the weight of the door. For example, there is a molded door in the interior door, the material is relatively light, and the density is low. This is the root cause of the poor sound insulation of the molded door. But be careful: adding soundproof cotton in the middle of the flat hollow door will sound more sound than solid wood doors.

2. Check the thickness of the door panel

The thicker the surface layer, the better the sound insulation effect. Generally, the surface layer of wooden doors should be 8mm thick. The thickness of the surface layer and the flatness are better, but the cost will increase. However: the iron sheet of the iron plate fireproof door is 3mm thick, and the sound insulation effect is also good.

3. Look at the flatness

The so-called flatness of the door panel is to pay attention to the degree of airtightness of the door panel installation. The smoother the wooden door, the better the combination with the door cover, the better the degree of airtightness, and the better the sound insulation. On the contrary, the deformed wooden door is definitely not soundproof and leaks air. There is also a slightly more professional, the quality of the expansion glue between the door cover and the wall, if this is not good, it will seriously affect the sound insulation.

4. Look at the filling

The sound insulation effect of the door depends on the quality of the door panel and the filling of the inner core of the door. Simply put, if the core of the molded soundproof door is filled with a honeycomb structured paper base, the airtight layer formed by it can insulate sound, absorb noise, and have a good sound insulation effect.

After reading this article, do you have an accurate understanding of the purchase of soundproof doors and windows? Another thing to note is that for soundproof windows, the choice of glass is also very important. The sound insulation of insulating glass is much better than ordinary glass.


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