How To Buy Fire Doors

How To Buy Fire Doors

Date:Sep 16, 2020

1, when buying fire door, consumer should choose appropriate fire door according to the actual requirement of the door hole size, color decorative pattern, opening direction of the bedroom above all.

2, we all know that the fire door is a kind of safety performance is very high door, so its quality is very important, when you buy can ask the seller to show the relevant departments of the test qualified certificate. See whether the product quality conforms to the technical requirements of the industry standard.

3, the purchase of fire doors, but also need to check the quality of the process, such as whether the fire door welding defects phenomenon. See whether door leaf and door frame are compact, open whether agile, lacquer layer surface has bubble, colour and lustre is even.

4, finally, still need to see the thickness and weight of the fire door, the steel plate thickness of the general qualified fire door frame is more than 2mm, the thickness of the door is generally more than 20mm, the weight of the door body is more than 40kg.


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