How Do You Ensure That Steel Fire Doors Will Work In An Emergency?

How Do You Ensure That Steel Fire Doors Will Work In An Emergency?

Date:Sep 04, 2020


How do you ensure that steel fire doors will work in an emergency?

1. Choose the right type

According to the related introduction of steel fire door can be divided into various types, learned that at present the and is divided into a number of different levels, and different types of material used by steel fire door, and able to deal with the fire situation is also different, so in order to ensure the effect of steel fire door highlights are in danger, so when choosing cost-effective steel fire doors ‍ must according to the size of area of usage scenarios, as well as the expected function to select the appropriate type.

2. Installation specifications in place

Wanted to make steel fire door fire crisis play an ideal role requires that it is a tight as a whole, not through the gap to the fire and smoke spread out, so, want to let the endanger time play a role of ideal will need to ensure that in the process of installation, each step is to standardize the operation, installed and make sure no gap.

3. Perform daily maintenance

As the saying goes, find its one thousand - day fight at that time, quality and reliable steel fire door is a kind of give priority to in order to prevent fire prevention facilities, in the ordinary time need to carry out daily maintenance and maintenance steel fire door, especially for fire door lock and locking points for daily maintenance, avoid the rust occurs, you also need to maintenance of appearance, ensure that won't be hard and sharp scratches.

In general, in order to be able to make steel fire door when the security hidden danger such as fire play to the role of the ideal, the first thing to do is to choose suitable for the scenario of steel fire door, secondly you need according to the corresponding specification and instructions for installation, ensure that installation are all right, you also need to keep the daily maintenance of steel fire door.

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