Hazards Associated With Fire Door Products

Hazards Associated With Fire Door Products

Date:Feb 17, 2019

Fire doors that are intact and new pose relatively little risk of exposing people around them to asbestos. Asbestos materials generally do not emit fibers into the atmosphere when they are in good condition. Asbestos hazards begin to develop when products like fire doors are damaged by heat or water, or when they simply undergo wear and tear due to age and use. The individual asbestos fibers begin to come loose from the surrounding material, and can then be inhaled.

Individuals working in factories where fire doors were manufactured were likely to have sustained some degree of asbestos exposure while on the job as few safety measures were employed until the late 1900’s. The main threat existing from asbestos fire doors today occurs during the course of a fire when damaged doors can release asbestos fibers into the air. Fireman, rescue workers, maintenance personnel, cleanup crews, and demolition workers would be most likely to come into contact with this asbestos. 

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