Go For Value Over Expense

Go For Value Over Expense

Date:Jan 20, 2019

Most homeowners forget that the true essence of an insurance policy is to provide protection for the property- it is not merely a needed document for mortgage but a safety net. Review your existing policy and see if your house is underinsured. Instead of filing for its current value, assess your property and determine how much it would cost if you are to rebuild it because of a disaster. There are cost estimators you can hire to create a detailed study of how much you should expect for rebuilding. After getting the estimate, talk with your insurance agent and ask what alternatives or updating of policy can you get that will insure the cost of rebuilding your house. Bear in mind that the value of your property depreciates as time pass, so do not be underinsured.


Be a wise consumer and call or visit Rogers Insurance for your home insurance policies today. If you have extra funds, then allot that to your safety deposit- your insurance money.

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